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From the Ground Up

We'll be the first to admit, thing's have been a little crazy lately. And out of all of this craziness, a new home has come into our existence! After some hard work and raucous play, we hunkered down for however long it would take to build our lifestyle upgrade-- a platform for our 16 foot bell tent.

Byron began by setting up the foundational beams to form the perimeter of the platform. Just to move these beams into position from where they were offloaded was a feat! Each eucalyptus beam has a length of 18 feet and weighs about 200 pounds! So we rigged up a little pulley system to hoist the beams off the ground and glide it through the trees on a zipline (check out the upcoming video on that)!

The beams were fit together with traditional joinery, aka, Mortise and Tenon technique, meaning notches are cut into the beams to lock them together.

They were then lashed onto the trees of the surrounding clearing.

Byron even went so far as to custom cut some metal tools for his lashin…

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