Vagabond Time Travel

 Sometimes, a little oil is spilled on clean pavement, and at first, a moment of "oh s@#!" occurs where the worry of how horrible it is for the environment or "how am i going to clean this up?" Well... we didn't spill the oil, but we are standing over the iridescent bliss, captivated by its colourful beauty saying "ohh s@#!!"

   Rewind it back a week or so...We had just picked up our sweet lumber and wood chips from Kamuela Hardwoods... Mind you, this load was heavy! ...Turns out our brake pads were completely shot after that trip around the island.
We obviously needed a thorough fix in the NAPA parking lot.

After we put the tools away, we were on the road again. The long hilly roads of volcanic Hawai'i.

From job to job to party to house calls for friends with delicious food to share. 

We had booked a few jobs with some neighbors and another with our hanai uncle out on the Hamakua coast...

This lone Eucalyptus deglupta (Rainbow Eucalyptus) is now being used to make hardwood flooring by Hal Brauner.

Our friends at Kamuela Hardwoods agreed to haul this small stand of Eucalyptus robusta that needed to be removed at Uncle Joel's back to their milling yard. 

 After finishing the job, I also got to work with the Alaska mill to plane out some posts that Uncle Joel wanted to transform into moulding. It felt good to mill these out right on his property in the beautiful Hamakua coast. 

Back at Kamuela Hardwoods milling yard, the eucalyptus logs from Uncle Joels were planed out into large beams for building the tent platform.

Finally, we had all of the components that we needed the begin our project. 

With a heroic lumber drop off from our friend, Josh, at Kamuela Hardwoods, we were off to the races on our build, which we are finishing up as we type!!!

 Stay tuned for the story behind building our tent platform from start to finish! 

We are so excited to enjoy our upgrade and share it with all of you lovelies!!


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