Sweet Saturation

When it rains, it pours. This week it poured on us...  and instead of the traditional water from the sky routine, we were blessed with some less ordinary showers. First, we were hit with a lumber rain, which was accompanied with a light smattering of wood chips. The next front was of the native plant variety: mulberry, taro, figs and canna lily.  Finally, we stepped into a warm, comforting tropical storm of massage and acupuncture to top it all off. There was some fruit, trampoline jumping and hand made chocolate in there somewhere as well.

 This lovely gentleman is Josh Greenspan. You don't know him yet but he will probably be world famous for revolutionizing the way we harvest and mill lumber. 

Byron met Josh during a tree climbing competition a couple years ago and the two clicked. At the time, Byron owned a very similar business to Josh's today. 

We were excited to reconnect with Josh at Kamuela Hardwoods because of the unique and admirable way that he runs his business.  Josh is a tree climber, and runs teams of climbers to service the entire island. He prunes and removes trees of all varieties, and all of the lumber is put to use. He mills out the larger logs into boards, he sells wood chips for compost, he makes furniture and  turns bowls.  He even has a show room for local wood workers to display and sell the items that they have made with his lumber. 

 This no-waste business model is just what we are looking for when we set out to get supplies for our projects. After getting the full tour of the lumber yard, saw mills and show room from Josh, we filled up on wood chips and lumber. Our hearts were filled with love for local wood and our new friend and business colleague. 

Back at home, we were pretty excited about beginning our new projects. We got to work spreading the wood chips out on the driveway so that we could begin parking the truck on it.
Ta da!!!

The next day, we hauled the lumber into the clearing in the back of the property...

Where we began applying water-proof varnish.

We also took some time to make an address sign. I used nail polish from a garage sale to add some extra glittery pizzaz.

While the waterproof varnish set, we drove out to visit Sanji, an old friend of Byrons', who lives in a little town on the Hamakua coast.  Sanji lives on a 17 acre intentional living community that he started with some friends about six years ago.

After walking around the property with him and gorging ourselves on guava and ice cream beans, Sanji made cuttings of the plants that he thought would grow well in Volcano. 

From left to right: mulberry, lemongrass, turmeric (in the bag), comfrey, Chinese ginger, taro.

 The following day, we headed out to Kalapana for a juicy body work trade party at our friends, Maddy and Bryan's house. Maddy cooked us a delicious meal.. 

 And Bryan finished bottling the batch of beer that he had begun brewing when we visited the week prior. 
We joined forces with Michelle, an amazing massage therapist friend of ours, and treated Maddy and Bryan to a couple's session before treating ourselves.
This jungle lanai was the perfect place to receive and give healing work-- Michelle and Byron soaked up their acupuncture sessions in bliss.

 Thats all for now!  Stay tuned for more building magic as we finish our tent platform and move into our bell tent!


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